Daily Schedule


It is a very busy place!  We sing, exercise, and do many activities.  I have a leader for the day as well as table captains for the day.  We rotate daily .  We do evaluations on Friday and sometimes during the week as well. Miss Katrina is our teacher’s aide in the classroom this year.  Under my guidance,  she will be working with our students who need extra help with reading skills.

We have a set of rules that are also life long rules: 

1.  Follow directions

2.  Be respectful

3.  Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

4.  Speak with permission



Attendance  is extremely important!! If your child must be  absent it is helpful to call and let me know what is happening.  My extension is  #6303.  You can send a text thru DOJO too.  I check it daily.  The office decides whether the absence is excused or not; but if you do have a doctor’s statement it is still an absence but it will be excused.   After five unexcused absences paperwork is filled out for Truancy and turned in to our Counselor, Mrs. Little.  You are allowed 10 absences per semester. 


Our Schedule

7:45-8:25 Breakfast in the classroom. During breakfast children may visit (just like grown-ups do) and go to the restroom as needed. We will clean up at 8:25.

8:25-8:30 Flag salutes, school pledge, and morning announcements of what the menu is for the day and special classes and anything else that needs mentioning.

8:30-8:35 Morning exercises (stretches) 

8:35-8:45 Oral language, morning message, song, Phonemic Awareness exercise

8:45-9:00 Daily 5 – Reading to self. We are building stamina :) 

9:00-9:15  Whole Group – Our story for the day

9:15-9:30 Daily Five – Writing

9:30-9:45 Alphabetic Principle, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics

9:45-10:00 Daily Five – Word work

10:00-10:15 Review high frequency words, introduce words, read poems, and work with grammar such as nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and verbs

10:15-10:40  Recess

10:45-11:15 Lunch

11:20-11:35 Reading Intervention

11:40-12:15 Math (Calendar Review, new learning)

12:20-1:10 Special Classes: This changes weekly: Week 2; Mon. – P.E.; Tues. – Art; Wed. – STEAM; Thur. – Library; Fri. – Art

1:15-1:30 Second Recess

1:55-2:25 Math Whole Group new learning and independent work for the new skill.

2:25-2:45 Snack and a story  

2:45-3:00 At this time, getting ready to go home. Calls for lineup begin at 3:10.

** During Daily 5 small groups will be seen for reading

Please note: Our schedule is subject to change throughout the year.



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