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Heather Leka

      Hi, welcome to my fourth year in third grade.  My focus is upon increasing students' reading fluency and comprehension.  The Oklahoma State Department has said that each third grader must be reading at grade level in order to promote to fourth grade.  Students can be retained for two years in the 3rd grade.

     We will accomplish these goals in many different ways, but the measurement will be in NWEA and OCCT testing.  NWEA benchmarking for the beginning of the year will begin in late August.

     Students should be practicing reading (in textbooks, library books, and quick and simple homework that will be daily---even on weekends).  We only get better at the things that we practice. 

     When students attend my class, we begin with phonics flashcards and sightword flashcards.  We then work on fluency and comprehension.  Vocabulary is related to the story and study of the week.  Monday through Wednesday we'll work in small groups to increase these skills.  Thursday is test prep day in a fun way.  Friday is test day.

Daily attendence is critical for all students




Heather Leka

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